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Solar shingles generate energy directly from sunlight. They catch sunlight even during rainy days or cloudy days. While they look like regular roof shingles from afar, up close, you will see that they are made of a different material. The photosensitive and waterproof shingles also serve as roofing itself. Solar shingles Philadelphia are used on roofs of homes and offices to generate electricity and even heat for some models. 

Solar shingles offer multifunction, which means you can save on roofing while you reap the benefits of having solar panels. In this case, the solar shingles are made from the same materials used to create solar panels, which typically last up to 25 years or more. They have the same size as regular roof shingles, which means they require more effort. Since they are smaller than standard flat solar panels, you will need more solar shingles to generate the same amount of power you receive from flat solar panels. 

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How much power can you get from solar shingles?

Flat solar panels can go anywhere there is adequate sunlight and space. They can be placed on the roof, ground, or both. On the other hand, solar shingles are limited to the roof space because they are used in place of regular shingles. However, manufacturers have anticipated that some homeowners may have less roof area. For this reason, solar roof shingles Philadelphia have specific features that allow them to yield more energy. One shingle can produce an average of 13 to 63 watts, depending on its size, specifications, and the amount of sunlight received. Keep in mind that the roof facing south is ideal for the installation of the solar shingles. Other sides of the roof not receiving much sunlight throughout the day can do without solar shingles because they won’t provide optimal energy. 

Solar Shingles Installation

Installation requires placing the shingles individually with their wirings inside the home or the building. Because of the tedious process, we recommend working with professionals for solar shingles Philadelphia installation. The pricing is usually measured per watt. In this case, the installation costs from $9 to $11 per watt. You can get a whole solar shingles system for as low as $15,000 depending on its size, the amount of solar power it gets, and other essential factors.

If you have more roof space, you can expect that solar shingles’ installation will take time. The professional installers will conduct a pre-assessment for your roofing to check if the structure can hold the solar shingles in place for an extended period. In case there are discrepancies and risks of early issues, you might need to re-roof or change some parts of your home so that it can accommodate the new solar shingles system.

As for maintenance, solar shingles do not require constant upkeep. Like regular solar panels, they just have to be free from accumulated dust, leaves, or snow. Obstructions such as shadows or dirt can reduce the sunlight that will enter the solar shingles, so make sure to check for these issues from time to time. You can use water to clean the solar shingles. Typically, water or rainwater alone can rinse the dirt on the shingles, so you will not need abrasive chemicals to soil the solar shingles. 

For more advice about cleaning solar shingles and solar panels, visit our solar cleaning page. You can also ask for advice from our experts regarding everything about solar shingles systems. To get accurate estimates on solar shingles, our experts will have a site visit and discuss your options with you.

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