Commercial Solar Panel installation price Philadelphia PA

If you are taking Commercial solar and storage solutions from us then we deliver more value and long term savings solutions which is foundation on which you can stake your energy future via Best Solar Panel Installation Companies in Philadelphia.

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Solar Panel installation price Philadelphia PA

Is A Ground Mount Right for You?
During our initial consultation, Solar Energy Philadelphia PA  are going to inspect your home and assess which solar power system would be good for your property to maximize savings. If our team determine that solar roof panels are not right for your home than solar ground mount panels are too as effective and are easy to install and affordable. Our approximation says to have from zero to minimum light bills in around 10 years, which cost about $10,000, is paid for through a low-interest loan. People says isn’t in it for the money and is actually paying high per month now, compared with previous utility bills, until the loan is retired.

Solar Panel Installation Philadelphia helps to get residents to install solar, but maximum enrollment period closed in 2018.

We are an authorized group-buying program service through the city’s Energy Authority. The more residents who buy, the deeper the discounts. The Energy Authority selects reputable installers and ensures quality equipment.

Solar Panel Installation Philadelphia PA Companies in Philadelphia can give you an idea of savings with a system that is very efficient at 19% of energy captured with a standard 5% total system loss. System loss comes from both the unfavorable (system age, electrical dissipation in wiring and connections, etc.) and the favorable (shade from trees, dust, etc.) Note the system will be slightly less efficient as it ages, too. For example, July is the highest-sun month in Philadelphia with an average of 5.57 kW per meter per day. So, the following is the savings calculation for July in Philadelphia:

Solar Panel installation price Philadelphia PA

    • 5.57 kW/m2 * 25m2 = 139.35 kW/day available
    • 139.35 * 19% efficiency = 26.48 kW/day captured
    • 26.48 kW * 95% system retention = 25.15 kW/day usable
    • 25.15 kW * Pennsylvania average of $0.14 per kW * 30 days = up to $109.16 in savings in an average July.
    • These assumptions are very good for the average home in Philadelphia, but nothing beats the accuracy of getting your own quote.

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