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The solar inverter can be described as the control unit of a solar power system. It works with other components to translate solar energy from DC to AC, which is the type of current used at home and offices. The inverter serves as a translator that transforms raw solar energy into usable electricity that can be stored, as well. Find out more about solar inverters Philadelphia in this article.

Types of Solar Inverters

Types of Solar Inverters

When choosing the right solar inverters Philadelphia, consider how much sunlight you receive in the area, method of use, required utility, and the manufacturer. Manufacturers create a variety of inverter models but these are the standard types of inverters used in solar energy systems:

Solar Inverters Philadelphia
  • Straight String Inverter - This type of inverter works by connecting the panels to each other forming a series. When one of the panels faces an issue, the next panels in the series will be affected. Shade and other obstructions can cause issues, so you might want to reconsider the straight string inverter if your property has surrounding trees or roofing that cast shade on the panels. Back then, this type of inverter was used because it was the only option. Because it has limited performance and is low-maintenance, it costs lower compared to the latest types.  
  • Optimized String Inverter - This type of inverter works similar to the straight string inverter but each solar panel has power optimizers. This way, each solar panel can assess and relay data regarding its performance. Compared to the standard string inverter, you get more from your solar panel system with the optimized string solar panel inverter. 
  • Microinverter - This inverter is installed underneath the solar panel. Because the microinverter attaches to each panel, it becomes easier to place the panels in different areas of the roof. The conversion from DC to AC current happens much closer to the panels compared to having a separate inverter from another location.
  • Hybrid Inverter - This type is also known as a multi-mode inverter. This inverter distinguishes load requirements and will charge the integrated battery directly when able. Essentially, hybrid inverters have an integrated battery or charger but with limited power output. Homeowners prefer this inverter type if they do not want to add another battery.

Choosing the Best Solar Inverter

Solar inverters have varied pricing for every home due to the different requirements of the solar energy system. Some inverters are included in the overall price of a solar energy system. For standalone inverters, the online prices range from $1,500 to $20,000. You will need a better inverter if your solar energy system covers a huge load of power. Like every other high-grade equipment out there, you get durability and good performance for a higher price.

You will find that almost every inverter manufacturer offers more than one type of inverter in different models. When deciding on the right inverter, it is important to find an excellent provider that understands the requirements and regulations in your area. Inverters also come with different features and functionality, which can affect its price.

If you wish to build your own solar power system without help from a company, expect to do plenty of research. The different components of the solar power system should be compatible with each other. Also, you need to understand the regulations for solar power in your area. However, if you are planning to work with a solar company, the experts will handle everything for you. Find a provider that

During a free consultation, our specialists will assess your needs and inspect the location where you want to set up your solar energy system. The inverter type you need depends on other factors, as well. Solar Inverters Philadelphia experts can provide you a system customized to your home’s capacity and need.

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