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Solar Panel Installation Philadelphia

With energy costs soaring every year, Philadelphia homeowners and business owners are looking for intervention, and solar panel systems are the answer. Solar panels produce affordable and renewable energy without harmful byproducts. 

Solar Energy Philadelphia combines technical skills and experience in providing solar energy systems. With services ranging from solar heating installation to cleaning and maintenance. 

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Solar heating is a type of energy that gathers solar energy for its heating capacity. The system used to generate solar heating can be used in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial locations. With the help of modern advancement, heating homes and offices have become more efficient. Find out more information about this type of solar product from solar heating Philadelphia experts. 

Solar heating systems provide cost-effective heating from a renewable source, reducing the electricity costs of using regular heaters. The two types of solar heating systems are active and passive.

Passive Heating

Solar heating relies on the natural tendency of water and air to circulate naturally. The rising and falling movement of air or water due to the cooling and warming is called convection. No other equipment is used to distribute heating throughout the building. However, the architectural design of the building matters to the passive heating process. When a building has proper insulation or its materials can hold heat well, the process becomes more efficient.

Passive heating systems require little operation and do not produce waste, but proper positioning of its components should be considered. The solar heater’s wide surface is exposed to the sun, so the heated air will rise and exit the unit, pushing the cold air into the unit to undergo the heating process. As long as the sun is shining, their air will keep moving and heating the home. Solar heating may not be as effective when the environment outside the unit or panel becomes too cold. If you are constructing a new house and would like to use passive solar heating as one of your heating sources, consider the following factors beforehand:

  • Choose a sunny location without too much shade or surrounding obstacles such as trees, posts, or a wall.

  • The panels or the unit should be perpendicular to the sun.

  • Use black or heat-absorbing colors on the surface of the unit to absorb the sun’s warmth better.

  • Supplement the primary heating system with properly located windows that allow sunlight to enter throughout the day.

Active Heating

This type of system runs on pumps and other mechanical parts using. The heat produced from the collector will be distributed throughout the house through a carrier fluid, sometimes air. The flat-plate collector is a black metal plate that heats the water using the heat it has absorbed from the sun. These types of components are found on Solar Heating Philadelphia products page.

A pump is used to move heated fluid throughout the tubes or store it in tanks for later use. So, the stored hot liquid can warm your home throughout the night even without direct sunlight. The pipes are laid out under the floor, or through the walls so that the fluid traveling in them can provide heating to your whole house or office from 150° up to 200° F. In short, active solar heating systems are larger and more capable of heating. 

Here are some important considerations for installing an active solar heating system to your property:

  • Choose a sunny location without obstacles and trees.

  • The roof should be strong enough to carry the additional pipes.

  • The storage tank should be adequately insulated to keep adequate heat inside.

  • The solar heating panels Philadelphia should be wide enough to collect as much solar energy as possible.

Get A Solar Heating System

To ensure you have heating throughout the cold season, have another source for heating. Whether you use solar heating as a primary or secondary system, it is best to be prepared. The most important benefit is that you can cut down on utility costs and save money. If you have not figured out which type of solar heating system suits your property best, call our experts. 

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