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Solar panels for RVs are a great upgrade to make your mobile home feel more like your real home. It makes it possible to add features and use devices without using gas-run generators that produce noise and smell. All you need is a sunny location, and you’ll have solar energy ready to power travel. View different types of solar panels from RV Solar Panels Philadelphia.

Solar power poses a great benefit to your RV’s batteries, as well. By providing a slow and steady charge, your batteries last longer for up to 75%. On the other hand, the main benefit of owning a solar panel for your RV is to have electrical power while traveling to remote locations. 

RV Solar Panels Philadelphia PA

Benefits of RV Solar Panels

Going off-grid does not mean living uncomfortably, especially when you have solar panels that provide more eco-friendly power without the air and noise pollution that other generators produce. 

Solar panels gather sunlight. Even if it rains, the panels will collect solar energy as long as there is sunlight. No matter how much you recharge the system, it will not exhaust the solar energy. It also produces zero waste products, so you are contributing to the environment.

Worry less when you have a solar panel system in your RV because it requires less maintenance. For RV travelers, sudden repairs can be a huge problem, especially in secluded areas. There are no moving parts, and most of the system’s components have long lifespans. So, you can have more freedom to travel and live in quiet and beautiful places.

The ideal option for portable solar panels Philadelphia depends on your preference and the primary type of material used for the roof or the surface where the panels will attach. One type of product is the flexible solar panel that will be glued to the roof. Without space between the panels and the roof, the heat buildup might radiate inside the trailer, which can be a problem during the summer months.

How many RV solar panels do you need?

The number of solar panels for your RV depends on how large your RV is. It also depends on the amount of solar energy you want to use. You can probably place only a few solar panels on an average-sized RV’s roof. Fewer solar panels will not generate much power to run everything in the trailer, especially an HVAC system. Since excess solar power cannot be sold to electricity companies, your RV will not need heavy and bulky solar panels. Get a system large enough to provide the energy you need. To ensure that you have the ideal solar panel size, seek guidance from RV Solar Panels Philadelphia experts.

Most RV travelers carry a couple of 100-watt solar panels that can generate around 30 amp-hours every day. This amount of power is more than enough for travelers who are used to off-grid living and can last a few days without using power. Use free online calculators if your RV solar panel system does not have an integrated monitoring unit. Knowing how much power you use in between charges makes it easier to understand how many solar panels you need and how to maximize the system’s capacity.

Solar Panels Installation for RV 

Setting up a portable solar generator Philadelphia for your RV is not as simple as installing the panels on a real home. The process is time consuming due to the smaller space and different wirings and components of the trailer. The solar panels are other parts of the solar power system that convert raw solar energy into usable electricity. The other features that come with the panel are inverter, charge controller, batteries, wirings, racking, etc.

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