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More and more homeowners are considering solar panel systems for their homes. The lower price and the support given to solar-powered homes make it a favorable option. Solar panels offer plenty of benefits such as lower electricity bills, net metering or selling excess power to the utility company, renewable energy, increased home resale value, and many more. To ensure that you receive these benefits, work with the best services to install solar panels Philadelphia.

It is ideal to consider several factors first before getting a solar energy system for your home. Check the following elements to know if your home is qualified for solar panel installation.

Install Solar Panels Philadelphia
  • Surrounding trees should not obstruct sunlight from hitting the spot where your solar panels will be mounted. Aside from shade, falling leaves and other debris might also be an issue.
  • Roofing must be in good condition for solar roof installation. In case your home’s roof is old or damaged, prepare to be asked to replace your old roofing.
  • In case your roof is not qualified for solar roof panels, you can opt for ground-mount systems. For this, you will need a place on your property where to install the structure.
  • Install a solar panel system to your permanent home or at least to a house you will live in for more than two years. You should have already reached a breakeven point for your solar panel price and installation costs by this time.
  • Consider solar power systems for the home you are planning to build. It is less expensive to integrate the system into a house's structure than to install it later, entailing roofing repairs. 

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels have high upfront costs, but they are worth it. Once you have regained the initial investment for the solar panels and the installation, you will be getting electricity for free and be selling your excess power to utility companies. As professionals, we want to make sure that your decision to go solar-powered will highly benefit you. Here are the services offered by the best solar panel in Philadelphia:

  • Free Consultation
    As much as we want to provide free electricity to all homes in the future, many houses are not suited for solar power. For this reason, we provide free consultation services that come with estimates and evaluations. Our professional solar technician will perform a site visit to inspect the following factors: sunlight availability, energy bills, type and quality of roofing for roof solar panel installation, and more. We will discuss our incentive program and your possible savings and earnings in the future.
  • Top-Notch Solar Panels
    Every home has different needs and goals for their solar energy system, so we make sure you understand which system works best for your current lifestyle and the next several years. There are different brands and models of solar panels. We provide superior quality solar panels and components that are durable and long-lasting. On average, our products can last up to 30 years with proper use and maintenance.
  • Maintenance Support
    Solar panels have no moving parts, so repairs are rare. We install solar panels Philadelphia and offer maintenance services to inspect if the system is working correctly and reduces your electricity fees. While regular maintenance is not necessary for solar panels, scheduling a quarterly or annual inspection with us will help ensure your solar panels will outlive its original lifespan without any decrease in functionality.

With proper skills and equipment, our professionals will install solar panels with solar panels’ safety and efficiency as a priority. We work with certified technicians qualified to inspect and install solar panels Philadelphia on the ground or roof. 

Our professional solar panel installation offers excellent services to homeowners in Philadelphia. For inquiries, get in touch with us today.

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