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If you own ground-mounted panels, cleaning can be a breeze. You can clean often or clean when you see dirt or debris on the panel. On the other hand, roof solar panels might not be getting much cleaning if they get any cleaning at all. For solar panels cleaning services, call our clean solar panels Philadelphia services.

Solar panels are low-maintenance. They provide excellent performance even with dirt and debris. A 5% decrease in performance is expected with dirt buildup. While solar panels do not need frequent cleaning, their performance is affected by shade and obstructions. In this case, fallen leaves or bird droppings might be keeping your panels from getting maximum sunlight. Regular dust can wash off during rainy days, so no need to clean frequently unless there is a long period of drought in the city.

Clean Solar Panels Philadelphia PA

Solar Panels Cleaning

Cleaning your solar panels can be a hassle. You have two options: do it yourself or hire professional solar panel cleaners. Most of the time, you can employ the same solar panel provider to clean solar panels Philadelphia. Experts are familiar with the different components of the system so that they can clean thoroughly. The installation company you worked with is likely to offer you maintenance services, as well. Check with them if you are planning to clean the solar panels, yourself. In most cases, solar panels have guidelines for cleaning. Seeking assistance from experts ensures that your solar panels receive the proper cleaning maintenance using the right materials.

The most important advice that experts will tell you is to use non-abrasive materials when cleaning the panels. Soapy water, a sponge, and a hose will do the job. Do not apply high water pressure on the panels as they can damage the panels. Keep in mind that rain can wash the dust off, so a regular hosing down will suffice. Use a soft sponge to clean away bird droppings that water along might not remove. If you are not sure which cleaning agent to use, the best material is water. Making sure no soap residue could affect the solar panel’s performance, rinse the panels properly, and pick a cool time to clean.

Cleaning your roof is a safety hazard. If you need to deep clean your solar panels, it is best to let professionals handle the work. To do a simple cleaning by yourself, such as removing fallen leaves or merely washing the dust off the panel, opt for a piece of long equipment that you can use from the ground or a safer area of the house. If you have a harness and hardhat, use them as a safety precaution.

Hiring Solar Panel Cleaning Services

When the work becomes too dangerous or needs to clean hard-to-reach places, call professional solar panel cleaning services in Philadelphia. Besides their expertise in the area, your solar panels will also receive more benefits from special equipment and agents. In particular, our professionals use special coatings that repel dust and keep the solar panels clean for a longer time. Proper maintenance helps increase the lifespan of your solar panels with only a small percentage of performance loss. If you are dealing with more solar panels in farms, you can purchase a robotic cleaner or get a professional cleaning done.

Taking care of solar panels is an essential part of monitoring its operations. Changes in the energy bills might mean the solar panels are facing issues. Check for problems like obstruction or dirt. It helps to pay attention to the system that allows us to save on utility bills. Check if there are changes in the next bill after cleaning. If not, or the amount increased, tell your trusted solar panel system provider so they can address the situation as soon as possible.

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