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Solar Panel Installation Philadelphia

With energy costs soaring every year, Philadelphia homeowners and business owners are looking for intervention, and solar panel systems are the answer. Solar panels produce affordable and renewable energy without harmful byproducts. 

Solar Energy Philadelphia combines technical skills and experience in providing solar energy systems. With services ranging from solar heating installation to cleaning and maintenance. 

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The best time to install solar panels in Philadelphia is now. Solar panels and other system components are more affordable today. When considering the city’s electricity rates, your home solar power system should be able to pay for itself within 8-10 years. Afterward, you will have free electricity from an abundant source of energy. The solar panels last more than 25 years, so you can expect little to no maintenance costs after the initial installation. If you are planning to go solar-powered, you can get accurate estimates for the solar panel cost in Philadelphia. Schedule a consultation with our experts.

There are approximately 30 panels in an average-sized home solar panel system. The whole system costs around $24-$29,000. We recommend paying cash upfront for more savings. However, even if you pay through a finance program, your loan payments will still be lesser than your usual electricity bill. Either way, solar power will help you save on utility costs. Having a solar energy system at home cuts down your kWh consumption by more than half. This amount of savings for more than 25 years will be a huge help to your family financially. The increasing demand for solar power is also causing the industry to drop its prices to promote renewable energy usage continuously. The installation costs have already dropped more than 50% in the last ten years and are expected to keep decreasing within the next few years.

Solar Panel Cost in Philadelphia

Solar Panel Installation Cost

The solar panel cost in Philadelphia depends on the size of your solar panel system. Most large systems cost relatively lower because they come in bulk or sets compared to purchasing the components individually. 

Your electricity consumption and the location determine the price of solar panel systems, usually specified per watt. While popular brands can cost around one to two dollars per watt, you will find other providers offering around 65 to 75 cents per watt, as well. There is an option for a DIY solar panel solar installation, which helps cut down on installation costs. We provide professional solar equipment and kits so you can start assembling your own solar power system. Our experts can provide you guidance for proper installation apart from the comprehensive guide that will come with the kit. The guidelines help guarantee that you get maximum savings from your DIY solar panel installation.

Professional installation of solar panels for home costs $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the service provider you will choose. This means that you should also consider where you will purchase the solar panels and whether you can trust the same installation provider. Here are some essential calculations that can help you determine how many solar panels you will need to install:

Solar Panel Cost in Philadelphia

    • Compare monthly and daily electricity usage. You may find that in some months, your electricity usage goes up. Calculate the average kWh usage for one year to get precise results. 

    • Estimate how much sunlight your solar panels will receive, so you know if the generated energy will be enough for your consumption. 

    • Determine how much kWh usage you wish to compensate for with solar power. If you want to offset 70% of your consumption to the system, you can calculate the required kWh to reach your goal using this formula: (daily kWh usage x 0.70).

Solar panels provide you free electricity and allow you to earn from excess electricity produced by your solar panel system. There are also finance options that Philadelphia homeowners can choose. Talk with our professional solar panel specialists. We provide reliable services for everything solar panels and solar energy to homeowners in the city.

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